Storm Astrum Defense

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Storm Astrum Defense is completely addicting strategy game fun.

You've played tower defense games, you've played RTS games, but you've never played the crazy fusion of both that is Storm Astrum Defense! Build up your forces as wave after wave of insatiable enemies attack, then strategically repair and upgrade your units to keep from getting overwhelmed.

Storm Astrum Defense starts slow and builds to a fever pitch of furious futuristic combat that will have you ducking for cover!

The key to Storm Astrum Defense is to build a strong line of units and keep it from being breached by the enemy forces. Of course, that's easier said than done....

Tips & Tricks

Mine the Black Seam - Uranium is the name of the game, and without it you won't be able to add, repair, and upgrade your troops. Build as many Uranium Refineries as you can to keep your supply of radioactive ore flowing, and situate them to the rear of the battlefield so they don't get nuked.

Loss Leader - Enemy units tend to concentrate their fire on one or two of your units. Use this to your advantage by placing a tough unit out front, then constantly repairing it as it gets damaged. Your other units will wear down the advancing waves with minimal casualties.

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