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The Fog Fall is a psychological thriller set in an alternate-history around the Cuban Missile Crisis. Descend into your basement / bomb shelter after a mysterious nighttime fog to see what has changed...and what hasn't.

The Fog Fall will haunt your dreams as it challenges your imagination to solve a series of fiendishly challenging puzzles.

If you stuck, you can check a walkthrough below:

1. Pick up the newspaper and note the number to the side.
2. Go left to the bathroom and click on the medicine cabinet at the left. Pick up the toothpaste.
3. Click on the third shelf of the shelving and pick up the bottle marked Toxic.
4. See the white bit sticking out from behind the tub? Click on it. Click on the lid to the emergency kit and then pick up the sticky plaster.
5. Go back out to the staircase and then to the right into the storage room. Click on the file box on the top center shelf and get the wrench.
6. Click on the box on the middle shelf on the left and get the sprocket.
7. Go back to the staircase and go forward. Use the paste on the box on the right wall.
8. Use the toxic stuff on the box on the right wall.
9. Click on the box and get the small key.
10. We'll come back to the two rooms later. Back out to the staircase and go up.
11. There's something written on the wall to the right of the door. Click on it and make note of the numbers.
12. Go left and then forward. Click just above the exposed wires. See the brown box sticking out? Click on it and take the matches.
13. Go right into the office. Click on the trashcan and take the rusty key.
14. Click on the desk and look at how to make the generator. You can click on the poster above the desk, too, but I never did figure out what it was for.
15. Use the small key on the center desk drawer. Take the console.
16. Go back to the brick wall and exposed wires and then go left into the library.
17. Click on the posters.
18. Click on the basket on the floor and take the tape.
19. Back out to the stairs and go down one floor.
20. Go forward twice into the bedroom. Use the rusty key on the nightstand and take the chain. You can also look at the poster over the bed.
21. Go back to the hallway and then left into the kitchen. Use the wrench on the gas tank.
22. Use the matches on the gas tank until the grate above it gets red then click on the knob to turn the gas off. Take the piece of metal from the grate.
23. Go back to the stairs and go down. Put the sprocket under the large gear.
24. Put the chain on the bike. Now you've got electricity!
25. Go back up the stairs and then up again. Go left and then left again into the library.
26. Put the tape in the tape player and click on it. Push play and listen. You can rewind and listen again if you'd like.
27. Hook the console up to the panel with the red dot. Click on the console and type in the numbers you saw on the wall...2285.
28. Look in the periscope and note the number in the lower right corner.
29. Go back out to the stairs and right into the room with the space suit. Click on the number pad on the door. Remember the number from the newspaper? What did it say? 76 first. Type in 76. Then what were the numbers from the periscope? 19. Type that in and then e.
30. Take the suit, and mask. Wait, you need to fix the mask. Use the sticky plaster on the mask and then take it. Now you're ready to leave, right?
31. Go out to the stairs and then forward. Click the handle on the door.
32. Go forward and click on the door. You need a lever. You don't have one, but you do have that handy piece of metal. Put it in the holes on the right.
33. Click the lever and leave!

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