You have been invited by your favorite celebrity to visit the VIP-only trophy room of famous performers at a local museum. You en..">

Vision Museum

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You have been invited by your favorite celebrity to visit the VIP-only trophy room of famous performers at a local museum. You enter and, like most room escape games, you can't get out. Using your point-and-click finger and puzzle-solving prowess, collect items to solve puzzles in this gorgeous graphic adventure.

Complete Walkthrough

1. Start game and then move forward and grab the PDA sitting on the desk. Examine the PDA and click ENTER to move to the lower level.

2. Go through the red door to go up some more stairs.

3. Go RIGHT one screen click in the bottom middle tiles and you notice a cupboard click that and grab HEADPHONES.

4. Go BACK and RIGHT two screens.

5. Click on the TABLE 3 times and it will move.

6. Click beside the COUCH and grab the BAR CODE READER.

7. Back two screens and right one to get to the computer station.

8. Click once on the main computer and put HEADPHONES into the GOLD JACK.

9. CLick on the computer screen and click the buy now button.

10. Exit computer screen and click on the little box with an arrow. Take the CD. Examine the CD and notice there is a bar code underneath.

11. Go back one screen and click on the left side of the computer.

12. Click on the white box and then click on the red bar code area. Place inside the BAR CODE SCANNER. Scan your CD across the bar code machine.

13. Go back a screen and click on the bottom left shelf it is now unlocked. Take the CELL phone that is inside.

14. Go back a screen and click on the right side of the computer.

15. Click on the bottom yellow drawer and take the JOURNAL.

16. Go back one screen and click on the black cabinet. Place CELL PHONE in the holder and it will unlock. Take SCREWDRIVER out of the cabinet close it and take the CELL PHONE out of the holder.

17. Examine the SCREWDRIVER to find the key inside of it.

18. Go back two screens and left one to where the couch and table is again and click on the locked floor tile. Use SCREWDRIVER to unlock the floor tile and move the red switch. [cut scene]

19. Click the gray rectangle in front of you and use the SCREWDRIVER to unscrew the two screws. Examine the JOURNAL and use your CELLPHONE to read the WHITE BOX inside the JOURNAL.

20. Examine your CELLPHONE and it will download a music video which you have to sit through.

21. Go right one screen to the locked box with a scanner on it .. put CELLPHONE up to the scanner. Open box and get a Toy Arm.

22. Go back and right two screens and look up .. Use arm to grab a hold of the other hand in the air. Go to where the arm is now attached and open the box in the floor with the SCREWDRIVER again and click the switch once more. [cut scene]

23. Go right one screen and over to the table with the projector. Attach CELL PHONE to the wire of the projector.

24. Go back one screen click the RED switch on the wall and go back to the projector and click the GREEN switch. [cut scene: music video] please take note of the date it is released 04/04.

25. Hit the red button again to turn the lights back on.

26. Go back and left to the machine that is by the ladder. Insert PDA into the slot and click on the machine. Enter the date you just saw in the video '0404' and hit enter and push the box that says push. [cut scene]

27. Grab your PDA and head down the ladder.

28. Go down two floors and over to the mechanical hand by the locked box in the floor.

29. Take the MECHANICAL HAND and open the locked box with the SCREWDRIVER again. Click on the switch and notice the top is a BOTTLE CAP. Use MECHANICAL HAND to pry off the BOTTLE CAP. Push the green button underneath. [cut scene]

30. Go left two screens to the new panel in the wall. Notice it says "Vision Factory Look for the Keyword on the Web". Open JOURNAL if you wish to go to the website. The password is "vision factory".

31. Enter password, hit enter and open box. Use TOY ARM to grab the KEY. Notice the key has the same emblem as the bottle cap.

32. Head back up the stairs and to the left to get to a door.

33. Insert PDA into door and it is asking for a password. Examine BOTTLE CAP and notice it has something underneath. Use SCREW DRIVER on bottle cap to remove the inside of the bottle cap. Examine the inside of the bottle cap and there is your password.

34. Enter "funky town" and push enter.

35. Go back one screen and use your KEY on the door. You are done and greeted by some people saying ummm well that im not sure of =)

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